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September 3, 2014

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Maryland School for the Blind Newcomer, Case, & Campbell Halls

Posted by SL on August 13, 2019

Having served Maryland’s blind community for over a century, Maryland School for the Blind recently put into effect some new renovations to their campus that were long overdue. Newcomer, Case, & Campbell Halls are expecting renovations beginning in 2017 and planning to last into the summer of 2020. The state-supported facility is updating their campus to broaden their students’ learning capabilities. In an effort to further diversify their system, MSB is no longer considered a school solely for blindness. They have incorporated several other disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy and many others. Maryland School for the Blind serves over 70% of Maryland’s blind community and has had a huge impact on helping those who are disabled. These buildings circa 1910 are expected to be fully restored while still maintaining their valuable historical structures. The “MSB School of the Future” master plan that was put into place in 2008 is finally coming to life.

As of the summer of 2019, Newcomer Hall and Campbell Hall have completed restoration. The Leonard Kraus Co. installed acoustical grid and tile, light gauge metal framing, thermal insulation, and drywall. These buildings had a full restoration from the inside out, leaving only the outside structure untouched. The Leonard Kraus Co. completed the drywall finishing in both Newcomer Hall and Campbell Hall, and is planning to start work on Case Hall by fall of 2019.